Bishops' Tri State Chapter Gives back from Caribbean Impact

Caribbean Impact

The close of 2006 was a proud moment for the Tri-State Chapter of the Bishops’ High School Alumni Association. It marked the culmination of a period of fundraising events to benefit a specific need of its alma mater in Georgetown.

The Chapter’s fund-raising plans were developed as a result of a proposal that was directed to alumni chapters worldwide by the President of the Georgetown Chapter, Lance Hinds. He appealed to the international alumni chapters for assistance in the rehabilitation of the school’s Chemistry, Biology, and Physics labs, which were in disrepair. The Tri-State Chapter raised funds by sponsoring events, such as the Spring Tea Party and the Annual Labor Day Party, that were open to the public.

At the year-end meeting, newly elected President Denise Roman announced that after two years of fundraising activities, under the leadership of the past president, Lorraine Phillipe, and coordinated and implemented by the Fundraising Chair, Joan Findlay-McGowan, the Chapter had accomplished its goal of raising the requested sum of US$10,000. The funds will pay for one complete laboratory, and additionally cover the costs of plumbing and fire extinguishers in the lab.

A member of the BHS Old Students’ Association, Ms Shirley Jackman, was present at the December 16th meeting to receive the check.

The Tri-State Association pledge to maintain its steadfast efforts to benefit future projects undertaken by its alma mater to ensure the success of this institution.

The members gratefully acknowledged the support of those who attended, and in any other way contributed to the fundraising events.