Jamaica Chapter launched

Our Executive Committee is:

President - Dr. Sarah Wilkinson-Eytle
Vice-President - Ms. Sonia Mitchell
Treasurer - Ms. Lavonne James
Secretary - Ms. Allison Fung
Ass’t Secretary/Treasurer - Mrs. Janice Bisnauth-Miller
Public Relations Officer - Mrs. Joy Pilgrim

Our main objectives include:

  • liaising between BHS alumni in Jamaica and alumni in other parts of the world.
  • liaising with BHS, identifying its requirements for maintaining its standards, for further development and for delivering the best quality education at the secondary level.
  • developing and implementing projects aimed at supporting BHS, strengthening its institutional framework and encouraging the educational and intellectual development of its students.

Address: 46 Gardenia Avenue. Kingston 7, Tel: (876) 970-2597,
Email: bhsaaja (at) gmail.com