Co-ordinator’s Report for the period November 1st to December 15th 2006

November commenced with 39 listed cases. Mentors continue face many challenges but have persevered in their endeavours to help the children.

The breakdown of relations status as at December is as follows:
Active relationships 9
Inactive relationships 7
Unconfirmed relationships 18

Six (6) cases that were either terminated or inactive during the previous month have to be followed up. New Mentors may have to be assigned to some of those cases.
Prospective mentors Tandika Stephens and Jonelle Ashby were contacted and hopefully those relationships will commence in January 2007.

E-mentorship has commenced in December 2006. Four children who indicated their interest were contacted and to date one has responded. Two Mentors, Dawn McDonald and Eve Drayton have indicated their interest. Ms. McDonald has assigned a Mentee and this relationship’s progress will be managed to ensure its success.

Mentoring Outreach

Students of the Mentoring Class of Tutorial High School-Mentees and non-Mentees- were invited to participate in the UNICEF Workshop on November 20th 2006 at Le Meridian Pegasus. The Workshop dealt with the Report on Violence against Children. The children were asked to present role plays which deal with violence against and abuse of children in the community, the home and the workplace.

The children presented their thoughts on the problems by highlighting the realities of the various forms abuse in the home – the verbal and physical abuse by the frustrated parent-, the abusive and violent conduct of the minibus conductors and drivers which result in rape and the treatment of students by teachers who seek to vent their frustrations. Their treatment of the subject matter was well received by the Workshop’s participants and formed part of the subject matter for group discussion. Literature on the subject was given to them to supplement what they had learnt.

The experience for the children was interesting. Most of them had never attended any function at such a venue or had even had the opportunity to participate in any capacity in any event of that nature. For them, it would be a lifetime experience.

The children were accompanied by their Form Mistress and the Co-ordinator to the day’s activities.

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