About the Lower Sixth Project

Between January 31 and April 2, 1997, the Bishops’ High School Old Students’ Association implemented a six-part discussion series for students in the Lower 6th. Under the theme “Youth – A Social Perspective,” students worked in a participatory manner to explore issues such as their hopes and concerns, the meaning of the BHS and relationships with ther significant persons in their lives. They engaged in activities such as small group discussion, role play, interviews and case study writing. They enhanced their skills in public presentation, group facilitation and communication, gaining confidence in exploring their own creativity. During a half-day workshop, the students articulated their vision for the BHS and identified strategies for its realization.

One of the strategies identified by the students was development of study skills. Consequently, a study skills programme was delivered to the Lower 6th students during the 1997-98 year.

From the 1998-99 year, the thrust of the programme was refined to focusing on self-exploration and self-understanding. This theme was chosen since the issue of low self-esteem emerged during interactions with students.

This programme forms part of the wider initiative called “Operation Contact.” Operation Contact seeks to forge closer links between current and former students of the school. It has seen visiting former students assisting with tutelage in Information Technology and Business Studies, for example. It took the form of the paint project and the Career Fair organized during the 2002 Reunion.

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