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About the BHSOSA Mentoring Project - the 2002/2003 Pilot

The Bishops’ High School Old Students’ Association, in collaboration with the Bishops’ High School, established a mentoring programme for students in the 2002/2003 Form 3 of the Bishops’ High School. The BHSOSA envisaged that such a programme would foster links between former and current students. Additionally, the Association expected the programme to contribute to the development of a sense of identity and self-esteem of the current students as they explore their performance in and out of school with a former student acting as mentor.

The BHSOSA instituted the programme on a pilot basis during the second and third terms of the 2002-03 academic year.


Welcome to the part of the BHSOSA website which has been created specially to share information and resources with you

  • Schools and other organisations interested in establishing
    mentoring programmes for young persons
  • Prospective Mentors
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Mentees

Please feel free to use any of the material available. These materials were produced as a result of a project executed by BHSOSA with support from UNICEF.

Report of gathering of mentors held on November 18th 2006

A meeting was organised of mentors on November 18th 2006 at Tutorial High School.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the relationships, and find ways of encouraging the relationships while responding to the challenges which arose.

Co-ordinator’s Report for the period November 1st to December 15th 2006

November commenced with 39 listed cases. Mentors continue face many challenges but have persevered in their endeavours to help the children.

The breakdown of relations status as at December is as follows:
Active relationships 9
Inactive relationships 7
Unconfirmed relationships 18

Six (6) cases that were either terminated or inactive during the previous month have to be followed up. New Mentors may have to be assigned to some of those cases.
Prospective mentors Tandika Stephens and Jonelle Ashby were contacted and hopefully those relationships will commence in January 2007.

BHSOSA/Tutorial Mentoring Project – Co-ordinator's Report for October 2006.

The October phase of the Project began with 42 forty-two listed pairs of listed Mentors/Mentees with the following breakdown:

Active Relationships 34
Inactive Relationship 5
Terminated Relationships 3

Mentors continued to work during the August vacation and contact was maintained. Intervention by the Co-ordinator to force commencement, reactivation and renewal of relationships is to be the priority activity of the Co-ordinator during the months of October and November. Sourcing of new mentors continues to be an ongoing activity.

Despite these setbacks, Mentors in general have indicated that they are quite willing to continue the Program since the have more available time. Those who asked to be released from the Program have indicated that they would be quite willing to serve in perhaps another year’s time. In some cases have conflict of time ahs been the deciding factor in their decision while another expressed frustration in trying to make the relationship work.

Documents developed during the Mentoring Project

There are various documents which are being developed as part of the mentoring project. These documents will be changed based on feedback from the intended audiences.

The documents include :-
- Guidelines for the Mentors
- Brochures for the Parents
- Agreement forms for the Parents, Mentors and the Mentees

The documents in use are attached to this page. These will be updated as part of the project completion.

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