Welcome to the part of the BHSOSA website which has been created specially to share information and resources with you

  • Schools and other organisations interested in establishing
    mentoring programmes for young persons
  • Prospective Mentors
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Mentees

Please feel free to use any of the material available. These materials were produced as a result of a project executed by BHSOSA with support from UNICEF.

The PDF documents were produced from the files used to print the booklets, and are best viewed if printed and bound. The page numbering has been arranged accordingly

This section will be updated with new materials.

Guidelines for Mentors 2007 (to be printed in booklet form)181.75 KB
Information Brochure, Application and Agreement Forms52.15 KB
Booklet for Parents 2007 (to be printed in booklet form)223.88 KB
Model of Mentoring for Secondary Schools 2007 (to be printed in booklet form)135.12 KB
The Changing World of the Secondary School Student (to be printed in booklet form)494.98 KB